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There are many reasons that we can become stuck in life, a loss of purpose or identity, grief, a relationship breakdown, and too much change in your life can all be factors that tip us off balance. We often only realise it when we become depressed or sick. You are the author of your own life and you can decide to change your story at any point. Sometimes all we need is the time and space to be still and listen to what it is we need.

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Take a different look at yourself. Start exploring your many layers and see new parts for the first time. Greet yourself and welcome the new found you. 

Together we can discover what's holding you back and work on shifting the barriers. If you keep an open mind, and be open with what speaks to you, there will be a shift in your body. Schedule your initial consultation and we will tailor a session to you, and come up with a personalised plan to work with. We work what you bring to each session and therefore no two sessions will be the same.

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Creativity (n).


the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.


Children learn about the world through imagination and play, it is inherent in all of us. When we let ourselves play we can access the creative, emotional and intuitive side of us. This is so important in our ability to grow as a person. We live in a society that activates our left brain, the linear and analytical brain. If you give yourself space and time to explore your creativity you are essentially helping yourself to grow.