I am Kirsty and I wake up every day with one mission...

To guide women to shift out of their stories and old belief systems so you can take back your power and reach your fullest potential.

I create a space for you to come and explore what holds you back in your life and WAKE UP.

A devotional, creative visionary, Kirsty offers client-centred sessions to unlock your individual potential. Her sessions give you an experience of your soul; to guide and release emotional, physical and spiritual blocks.


Kirsty comes from a rich background in holistic training, in both the UK and Australia. She launched Onewomancottage in 2013 as a space for you to come and explore your purpose, discover what holds you back and restore the balance for a fulfilled and happy life. Kirsty guides people to shift out of their stories and belief systems to take back their power in order to reach their fullest potential.


The sessions involve life long strategies and coaching processes for you to grow, thrive, heal and move forwards from the patterns that keep you stuck. These tools and techniques lead to a deeper level of understanding and healing within. Kirsty works from a client-centred approach, tailoring therapy sessions specific to what you need. 


Renowned for feminine leadership, devotion and spiritual service, through all of her creations, Kirsty encourages people to spend more time with their soul, mastering the idea that we can live a life with ease and abundance financially, spiritually and emotionally.


Kirsty's wisdom stems from ancient healing traditions from deep in Siberia in northern Asia, the land where the word "shaman" originates. The presence she holds and the truth she speaks are a testament to the inner and outer frontiers she has ventured beyond.


Kirsty offers 1:1 Programs, Life Coaching, Creative Therapy, Reiki healing sessions, group workshops, and Trance Dance.