Are you ready to Wakeup?

The Wake Up Program is for ...


Women who are are ready to learn how to get out of their head and welcome in new ways to connect to your true self for happy and worry free living

Discovering what is holding you back from having an extraordinary life

Learning what to focus on for a balanced and easy life

Women who are searching for happiness and are done settling

This program is 1:1 coaching with Kirsty for 90 days and lifetime access to a community to support you in living a soul-led life.

As a member of the program, you will receive meditations, teachings, soul journeys, rituals, soul tools, to help you recognise your soul purpose, feel centred and live a happy and balanced life.


Also included is weekly live group sessions with Kirsty and access to the private Warrior Wake Up Membership Group – a supportive community of like minded people who are also committed to rising to their full potential. 



                                   Ready to take the next steps? Schedule your Introductory 30-minute coaching session with Kirsty today!