Energy Healing/Balancing/Chakra Clearing/Relaxing Peace/Restorative/Anxiety Reducing

REI means 'universal' and KI means 'Life force energy', Reiki is the free passage of universal energy also called chi or prana. When the energy in your body is in flow we are balanced and calm. We can become blocked in many areas of our lives, this treatment helps to release blockages so that you can move forward with your life with ease. Reiki is a relaxing and gentle healing treatment that promotes stress reduction. 

Rose Quartz spiral

Reiki releases emotional wounds

When you feel drained, it energises

When you feel stressed, it relaxes

When you feel afraid, it calms

When you feel scattered, it centres

When you have problems, it focuses the mind

When you have pain, it relieves it

1:1 Reiki Session

Natural Healing



Peace rock

Reiki is the reason I work in healing. When I was travelling I visited Pai in Northern Thailand and it was here that I received a Reiki treatment that would transform my life and re-direct my path away from a job the didn't fit well with me. I returned home to begin my training in Reiki and follow a new path that led me to Australia. Experiencing the power of Reiki has enabled me to live more from my true source and it is something that I always return to when I am feeling off balance, stressed or blocked in any way.