Trance Dance

Re-connection/Body Work/Navigating Life/Fitness

Releasing/Shifting/Healing/Breaking Through Barriers

Originating from shamanic and Eastern dance cultures, Trance Dance is a type of rhythmic movement that enables you to journey away from cognitive thinking and tune into a more focused, aware and creative self. In a safe environment, we free dance with an intention to find clarity, heal and for well-being. Blindfolds are worn to relax your mind, focus on your body, and dance without fear of what you look like. There are minders to ensure dancers do not bump one another, or the walls of the studio.

When we engage in ecstatic dance we can access the natural high without the need for stimulants and it is a great alternative to mainstream exercise.

Dance is active meditation, beyond mind and thought. It enables us to connect with our body and to release the build up of tension and stress in our busy lives. In Trance Dance you can really let go and dance like no-one is watching without fear of judgement.

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